Peliwica Horse Insurance

So what is different about our Equine insurance policy?


Peliwica can offer the following enhanced coverage and benefits…

  • Ability to place policies that need specialist Underwriting terms that other Insurers do not have the binding authority or specialist knowledge to place

  • For horses with a Mortality Sum Insured of £2500 and above, Veterinary Fees cover also extends (as standard) to £7500 per incident when Life Saving Treatment/Surgery is required

  • Extended levels of add on coverage, including Personal Accident cover of up to £30,000 for capital benefits and include £1500 of emergency Dental treatment for the owner/rider

  • Multi-horse policies through our Broker portal, making it easier and simpler for you and your end customer (One set of policy documents)

  • You can get an indicative quote in under 60 seconds, making the whole experience much better for you and your customer


What options do I have as part of the main product?


Peliwica has a wide range of cover options from  basic loss of Horse and Use cover, through to a full comprehensive cover that includes:

  • Loss of Horse

  • Loss of Use

  • Vets' fees

  • Personal liability

  • Personal Accident

  • Saddlery & Tack

  • Trailer


What types of Horse usage do we cover?


Peliwica’s equine product is a truly specialist product that most other insurers can’t compete with.

  • Retired

  • Competing

  • Hacking

  • Racehorse

  • All other Bloodstock


How our Broker quote and bind portal can make things easier


We have designed a unique distribution method for our broker partners, we offer a full digitised trading platform for all our broker partners’ that covers:

  • New business

  • MTA’s

  • Renewal invitations

  • Workflow

  • Claims management

  • Real-time U/W referral capability

  • Broker feedback link

  • Document library


Our specialist Underwriting support


We are able to deliver a very specialist and tailored underwriting experience, with our Head of Underwriting, Will Wenyon having 23 years of experience within the Equine and Racing Industries, in addition to this he has worked for a number of direct Insurers and Insurance MGA's.

Our Underwriting team have extensive knowledge of the Equine insurance market, which includes developing market leading products, delivering innovative distribution models and building strong, long lasting Broker, Insurer and industry relationships.