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Peliwica's competitive and comprehensive Horsebox Product can cover vehicles from up to 3.2t to over 32+t, with trailers up to £100k covered as standard and extensions for Hire and Reward available.


With 'A' rated insurer backing, really competitive rating and European cover this is a great product for our Brokers to offer their customers.

Types of cover


Third party cover

  • All amounts you may legally have to pay as a result of an accident while you are driving or using your vehicle:

  • Death or bodily injury (Unlimited)

  • Damage to property caused vehicle (£5m)

  • Prosecution defence costs (£2m)

  • Additional Legal services (Included as standard)

  • Uninsured loss recovery (£100k)

Third party fire and theft​

  • As noted above in third party cover plus:

  • Vehicle loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, self ignition, explosion, theft, or attempted theft (Market value)

  • Trailers (unless otherwise declared and accepted) (£100k)

  • Personal effects (£250)



  • As noted above in third party and fire and theft cover plus:

  • Accidental damage to the vehicle (Amounts stated are per event unless stated otherwise)

  • New vehicle replacement (Market value)

  • Windscreen/ glass cover (Unlimited)

  • Audio, visual and navigational equipment (£1k)

  • Loss of keys/ replacement locks (£1,250)

  • Personal accident

    • Death (​£10k)

    • Loss of sight (£10k)

    • Loss of limb (£10k)

  • Emergency accommodation and travel expenses (£100 per person; £400 any one incident)

  • Medical expenses (£500 per person)

  • Child car seat (£500 per incident)

  • Personal belongings (£500 per vehicle)

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