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Peliwica's Property Owners product has been developed for residential and commercial properties owned or managed by the policyholder. It is suitable for single and multi-location portfolios.


Key Features

  • Developed for residential and commercial properties owned or managed by the policyholder

  • Minimum premiums from £200 plus IPT

  • £25,000 Contents Sum Insured provided as standard

  • Property Owners Liability up to £10m

  • Multi-location discounts

  • Commercial Property Owners unoccupied period 60 days and Landlords unoccupied period 30 days

  • Rent Receivable or Alternative Accommodation 25% of Sum Insured for residential portions or buildings as standard

  • Landlords Malicious Damage and Theft by Tenant included £5,000 and £1,000 respectively

  • Accidental Damage and Subsidence included as standard

Summary of cover 


Standard covers

  • Fire & Perils including AD and Subsidence

  • Excess £250 for Buildings and Contents

  • Landlord Contents of £25,000 provided

  • Alternative accommodation on residential risks up to 25% of the sum insured

  • Contract Works cover up to £250,000

  • Trace and Access up to £25,000

  • Landscaping costs up to £25,000

  • Replacement locks up to £5,000

Optional covers

  • Increase in Landlord Contents

    • Optional increase in Landlord Contents above the standard £25,000

  • Business Interruption

    • Fire & Perils including AD and Subsidence as standard

    • Loss of Rent resulting from damage covered under Buildings and Landlords Contents

    • Anchor Tenant up to £1,000,000

    • Newly acquired premises up to £2,000,000

    • Action by competent authorities up to £1,000,000

    • Loss of Attraction up to £1,000,000

  • Employers’ liability

    • Limit of Indemnity £10,000,000

    • Increased compensation for court attendance

    • Terrorism £5,000,000

  • Terrorism

    • In respect of Material Damage and Business Interruption

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